This week The Stu Pitt Award goes to ...

Extreme Liberals in America

for not appreciating living in America

Compliments of the Wall Street Journal, Oct 26, 2013 ...

"Dozens of Saudi Arabian women took to the roads around Saudi Arabia on Saturday, defying a new surge of warnings from the government, mosque pulpits and radio channels to drop their challenge to a de facto ban on driving by women.

Although no law explicitly prohibits women from driving in Saudi Arabia, the government has refused to give them licenses.

Meanwhile, many women heeded warnings from Saudi Arabia's Interior Ministry Thursday and Friday that the government would "fully and firmly" enforce the country's ban against women's driving.

The day before Saturday's driving day, many Saudi clerics used Friday's weekly sermons to condemn the idea of women motorists. Lifting the ban, and increasing women's freedom of movement, would lead to increased premarital sex and adultery, some worshipers quoted Saudi clerics as saying.

Radio news channels amplified the government warnings Friday and Saturday. Broadcasters spoke of a "conspiracy" behind the women's driving campaign."

Stu Pitt says, "Yeah, according to extreme liberals, America is a bad place. Go spend a year as a woman in Saudi Arabia and then come back and tell us how horrible America is."

Congratulations you idiots who think America is such a bad place, and don't appreciate living in the U.S., you deservedly earned this week's Stu Pitt Award!