World Toilet Day

World Toilet Day

Today is the second annual World Toilet Day. (I kid you not!) World Toilet Day is an event raising awareness of the 2.5 billion people do not have access to adequate sanitation - and the problems that brings.

This years’ theme is equality and dignity with the organisation, in co-ordination with UN-Water, campaigning to end open defecation, a previously unmentionable topic, faced by one billion people daily.

In India around 818 million people defecate in public. In the Congo around 72 per cent of the population do not have access to an indoor toilet, while 80 per cent of Ethiopians, roughly 71 million people, also defecate outside.

Really? 2.5 billion people do not have access to a toilet and defecate in public? And liberal Democrats think AMERICA is a bad place??? You want America to be like the rest of the world? OK, we'll take away your toilet. Make you go to the bathroom outside, in public, like the rest of the world. Now THAT'S "fair and equal".

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