remote control

In the old days (in 2015), before we had TV's that you controlled by talking to them, or TV's that could read your mind, and do what we the viewer wanted it to do, we had what was called a remote control (TV remote).

In the old days (2015), the TV remote was a hand-held battery operated device that controlled the off/on, sound, channel selections, and a host of other TV related functions. My remote has 56 buttons. What, 56 buttons? Yes, it has 56 buttons, only a few of which I ever use or even know how to use. Having 50+ buttons on a TV remote control is crazy! Using a remote control to watch TV is crazy. Not only is the TV remote extremely complicated--only engineers and 11-year-olds can use it--in addition, you're always losing it somewhere, likely under a blanket or chair or something, periodically replacing batteries and, worst of all, using it wrong and messing up your TV.

The TV remote is a dinosaur
Today, cars can drive themselves, appliances can turn themselves on and off, robots will soon be taking over all the boring areas of our lives, and we are stuck with 50-button hand-held TV remote control devices? Archaic. The hand-held TV remote is like the typewriter: ancient. The TV remote is a electronic dinosaur! And, like dinosaurs, it needs to be extinct. Where's the TV that listens and responds to voice commands? Where's the TV whose command chip gets imbedded in your head? Where's the TV that can cook you dinner and babysit the kids?

C'mon, you TV makers and cable companies, it's 2015--the future is now--get busy and update the remote control!

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