traffic is number one

from the LA Times

"Traffic remains a top concern of Los Angeles County residents, according to a new USC Dornsife/California Community Foundation/Los Angeles Times poll.

Asked what concerned them most, more than half of those polled in the online survey — 55% — cited traffic and congestion. It was a worry cited more than any other, including physical safety, personal finances and making ends meet, along with crowded, substandard or unaffordable housing."

I live in L.A. and can attests to the unbelievable traffic congestion - it sucks! And what has my local government done to address and alleviate the #1 concern of its residents? They have mandated more traffic lanes ... for bicycles. That's right, the morons removed motor vehicle traffic lanes on major streets and thoroughfares and turned them into bicycle lanes. And they plan on adding up to 300 miles of bicycle lanes. Really? Yes. And will that reduce the horrific local traffic congestion in L.A.? No, it will make it WORSE. So why do they do it? They are doing it because they can, because politicians are totally out of touch and are no longer accountable to the taxpaying voting citizens. What's my solution? Vote all politicians out of office ... and replace them with robots.

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