express lane exhaustion

I went to the supermarket today. It was Sunday, at 1 PM. It took me 10 minutes to get there, 5 minutes to shop and 10 minutes to drive home. And 20 minutes standing in the Express check out line waiting to pay for my items. Yes, the store was busy. There were 6 people ahead of me and 6 people behind me in the one and only Express Lane open and not enough checkers to open more check out lanes. Welcome to the "I Don't Give A Shit" supermarket. And worse, it is the only supermarket in my immediate area.

By the time I finally exited the store with my 2 little purchases I realized that I was exhausted. Exhausted from the experience of standing there, helplessly, in an Express Line that moved like molasses. This happens a lot. It doesn't much matter when I go shopping: morning, afternoon or night I wait in line in the Express Check Out lane.

Is this any way to treat loyal local customers? Hell, no! I hereby call for a new store policy: "Any supermarket that has an Express Check Out Line that takes more than 10 minutes to check out from shall give you your purchases FREE!" Hell, yes!

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