dark movies suck

Movie directors take note: scenes that you shoot that are so dim or dark that they can't be seen are not cool.

I rented "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2" last night and watched it on my HD TV. Towards the end of the movie they were in an underground tunnel for like 20 minutes ... and I couldn't see a thing! I could not see the characters, could not see the monsters attacking the characters, could not see any of the action. For 20 minutes I was "in the dark" as to what was going on in the movie. I was sitting there watching a nearly black screen wondering what was going on and unable to see anything on the screen. I was annoyed at this. Why shoot a scene so dark that the audience can't see it??? What's the point? It's dumb, it pisses the viewers off, makes them lose interest and makes the director look like they don't know how to shoot a movie.

I rent movies frequently. Not anymore. In the past decade or so I have noticed that many film directors are shooting movies with a number of dim or nearly dark or completely dark scenes. Sometimes the entire movie is dark, so dark you can barely see it. What's the point of shooting a visual scene if the audience can't see it? Maybe directors think it's cool. Maybe they think the audience will like it. Maybe they think we can see in the dark! Well, we can't see in the dark, we don't like looking at a "black screen scene", and it's not cool.

To film directors, on behalf of movie audiences everywhere: Please keep your dark scenes few, and brief. Give us a movie we can watch!!!

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