Crystal Geyser water is dangerous

I went to the supermarket. While there I bought a gallon jug of Crystal Geyser water. When I got home I took the water out of the car and - OMG - the strap broke. The entire tape handle broke off (from both sides) and the weighty jug fell from my hand to the ground, narrowly missing my ankle! A gallon of water weighs 8.34 pounds, easily enough to break an ankle. Or a foot. I was just plain lucky the jug fell on the ground and not on my ankle or foot.

I have purchased Crystal Geyser water for years and never had this problem before. Now I did. Lax manufacturing? Air Pollution? Global Warming? Whatever the reason for this malfunction, it's unacceptable. And potentially harmful.

As a result of this scary event, I will never again buy Crystal Geyser brand of bottled water. The water itself may be good but if the carrying strap is going to break that makes the product downright dangerous!

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