netflix new old release

I am a monthly subscriber to Netflix. A paying member. I watch TV shows and movies on Netflix practically every night. The other day I got an email from Netflix announcing the arrival of a new addition, a movie entitled, "Fighting". When I checked out this "new" Netflix offering my excitement quickly turned to disappointment. Why? I think I saw this movie like 6 years ago, I think I rented it, or watched it on HBO. It turns out that "Fighting" was a 7-year-old movie yet Netflix was trying to excite its paying subscribers by calling it a "new" addition. Yeah, maybe it was new to Netflix but it certainly was not a new movie.

I realize that younger people don't know about older movies or older TV shows or older music or anything that existed prior to like yesterday but there's a lot of us older Netflix subscribers who can't be fooled. Old is old. Just because maybe you haven't seen an old movie or old TV show does not make it new. Maybe Netflix should change some of their "Recently Added" offerings to "New Old Offerings".

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