I hate Yahoo email

I have had a Yahoo email account for 16 years. Now, for "security reasons" Yahoo won't let me log in without changing my password etc. I don't want to change my password, I have my Yahoo login info set on numerous devices and numerous browsers and do NOT want to change them all. I don't give a damn if my Yahoo email gets hacked, I only use it to sign up for unimportant sites and also get all my non critical unimportant stuff and/or spam there.

The Yahoo sign in form will not let me sign in unless and until I make the change of password. I refuse to do that. Yahoo does NOT give me the option to leave my password the same. As a result I cannot access my yahoo account or my yahoo email. Yahoo locked me out of my own account and is forcing me to change my password. And there is NO way to contact Yahoo customer support. No chat, no email, no phone number. As a result of all this I now hate Yahoo!

I just saw a breaking news story from Reuters that over 1 billion Yahoo user accounts were stolen in a hack in August 2013. Yes, that's 1 BILLION! And again, in 2014, 500 million Yahoo user accounts were hacked.

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