Facebook fiasco

Suddenly I could not log in to facebook. When I tried to log in, the facebook sign-in page said my account has been locked. For "security" reasons. Because there had been a "change" in my account. Yeah, a few days before, facebook made me change my password. After years, suddenly they want me to change my password? Anyway, I changed my password. After accepting and OK-ing my new password, facebook would not let me sign in using my new password! It gave me a message telling me once again that my account was locked and I had to change my password. What, again? I just fucking changed it!

I tried signing in several times, with the same result. I got the same message - instructing me to change my password. I am NOT going to change my facebook password AGAIN!

Obviously, facebook has some kind of bug. I tried to contact them regarding the problem but facebook has no contact phone number or email address. It is impossible to contact facebook. They do not want to hear from their subscribers, their customers. Ever. I finally found a facebook "Feedback" form and sent them a message about the log-in bug. So far, they haven't fixed it.

And, to make matters worse, I have signed up for, and sign in to, lot of sites on the internet using my facebook account. Now I can't do that either. And I can't even delete my facebook account - because I can't LOG IN!

Based on that, until further notice, I will no longer be using facebook. Because I can't. Nice going, facebook.

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