Why I am not fat

Why am I not fat? Many people, of all ages, seem to be overweight. Not me. Why am I not fat?

There is one word which answers the question. Vanity. I am vain. That means that when I look in the mirror, when I look at my body, I wanna like what I see. I want to see a not-fat person. I care what I look like. Is that being vain? Yes. Like I said, I'm vain.

OK, so how do I stay thin? I eat the occasional burger and fries, pizza, some ice cream. So why am I not 30, 40, 50 pounds overweight? Here's why ...

Years ago, I made a deal with myself. If I gain 5 pounds (and I do) my jeans get tight. If I continue to gain weight my jeans won't fit at all and I'll have to buy a larger size. That's my deal. I will NOT buy a larger size pair of pants. No matter what. And I do not, will not, wear stretch fabric pants. That means if I continue to eat and add pounds my jeans will get so tight they will HURT! Then, I have a choice. I can either live in pain and not be able to move - forever - OR I can lose 5 pounds. Because I will NOT buy a larger size pair of pants. Hmm. What do I do? I stop doing whatever was adding pounds and lose the weight. 5 pounds is easy to lose. 20 or 30 pounds is not so easy to lose. If I kept eating, not only would my jeans not fit and cause me great discomfort, it would become increasingly harder to lose the added weight.

I also realized that it is easy to gain weight. It's not difficult to be overweight. Or obese. It sneaks up on you. And it takes years to become obese. Let's say, from a non-fat weight, I gained a mere 1 pound a week. Every week. That would be a weight gain of 50 pounds in a year. Three years later I would be 150 pounds overweight. If I kept going, at 1 pound a week weight gain, in 5 years I would be 250 pounds overweight! OMG. It's hard to lose that much weight! And it would take years. That's why I stop at 5 pounds. a 5-pound weight loss is very manageable.

How do I know I gained 5 pounds? I strip down to my underwear and look in the mirror. I see belly fat. I see love handles. Then I weigh myself. Yep, I gained about 5 pounds. And my jeans are getting noticeably tight. Time to lose a few pounds.

Besides the obvious health benefits, not being overly heavy makes me feel - and look - better. And I do want to feel and look better. Because I am vain.

So, due to my "deal with myself", my weight varies by only a few pounds. In fact, right now, as a result of eating "too" healthy and too little, I am a few pounds under my normal weight. I am going to put on a few pounds! Now that's a problem you WANT to have!

Vanity. That's why I am not fat. Vanity is my friend. Vanity keeps me healthier and looking good. Be vain.