Eek, a mouse!

I was attacked in my house by a mouse. I was attacked by a Logitech computer mouse.

Here's what happened

My wireless Logitech mouse stopped working. Suddenly, it was dead. I figured it was the battery. I turned the mouse over and proceeded to replace the battery.

Ouch! I got cut. The mouse bit me! I went to take off the battery cover and somewhere, around the battery compartment, was a sharp area, a dangerous area. It cut me! It hurt. My finger started to bleed. I washed the cut with soap and water and put triple antibiotic ointment on the cut.

Soon, my finger started to noticeably swell up, And it still hurt. I became worried that it was becoming infected.

This was a huge problem as I cannot tolerate taking antibiotics; they upset my stomach horribly. The last time I had to take an antibiotic, I tried 3 different ones. I could not tolerate any of them and my stomach was messed up - for 2 months.

I looked at my injured finger. I became upset. I became upset at the mouse. And the company who made it. How dare a company make a mouse that injures you, that cuts you, when you try to change the battery!?

Logitech dominates the market. It is difficult to find any other mouse maker than fits the hand so well. And now my Logitech mouse bit the hand that feeds it. I have used a Logitech mouse for decades, replacing them when they wore out. No problems. Now, their latest mouse, the M325, bit me.

I was not only concerned about my own injury, I was also concerned that other people might be injured in the same way. I decided to contact Logitech and tell them about their defective product and my resulting injury. They emailed back and asked what I would like them to do about it. I responded,

"1. I would like Logitech to fix the design of their mouse; to not have sharp areas in and around the battery compartment.

2. I would also like monetary compensation for my cut finger. I am an author (22 books) and a blogger and the cut finger makes it painful to type and/or use the mouse. It has not yet healed and may also be infected. I think $500 is reasonable compensation for my pain and suffering."

They responded and said they would call me. They asked for my phone number and the best time to call me. I gave it to them. It took them 12 days to contact me. My Logitech mouse injury issue is not resolved.

At this point I am not happy with Logitech, their mouse that caused me harm, and their lackadaisical response to my injury. As a result, I hereby vow to never again buy another Logitech mouse. And, no, I am no longer using the mouse that bit me; I packed it away, as evidence, and bought a new mouse, a different brand.

Need a new mouse? Gonna buy a Logitech? Proceed at your own risk.

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