Stop the autoplay!

Everywhere we go online, we have to suffer from videos that start playing on their own. It's called autoplay. And it sucks! This especially happens on news media sites. ALL of them! Suddenly, on whatever site you're on, a video starts playing - all by itself - and annoys the sh-t out of you. Or scares the sh-t out of you. Or, if it's early morning or late at night, wakes someone up who is sleeping in the room.

Autoplay videos. It's f-ing forced advertising. We are FORCED to watch a video. It starts by itself? WTF? We don't get to CHOOSE to watch a video, we are FORCED to start watching a video, a video that annoyingly and suddenly starts playing automatically.

Here's a message to advertisers and media everywhere: Whenever a video starts autoplaying I ALWAYS immediately leave the site. Goodbye! And f you!


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