brand new computer nightmare

I just bought a brand new HP all-in-one 24-inch desktop computer and spent 5 full days setting it up. 11 hours a day x 5 days. At the end, after 5 full days, I discovered that my brand new HP computer was defective. They forgot to put in a critically important piece of equipment in it (the network card) when they made it. I spend hours on the phone with HP tech support. They officially diagnosed the network card problem. To fix the problem, I would have to send the whole brand new 24-inch computer back to HP for them to fix it. It would take 2 weeks. AND, there would be a good chance that my 5 full days of setting it up (transferring files, apps, settings et al) would be erased. If that happened, I would have to set it up all over again.

Obviously, this is a gigantic nightmare! I am too old for this sh-t. I decided to return the whole damn computer and get a full refund. Luckily, I still have the receipt and the old computer which I can hook up. But I still wasted 5 days. I still endured 5 full days of immense unhealthy frustration, anger and despair. I blame HP. I blame their defective electronic device. After decades of being a loyal HP desktop consumer, I no longer trust HP desktop computers and will not buy another one.

As a result of this nightmare, I HATE computers! In fact, I hate EVERYTHING new! They don’t make stuff correctly anymore, and we consumers get stuck with a lot of new but defective products. This is NOT progress!!!!!! They used to make stuff well, and improvements would make it “better”. Now, when they make, or improve, a product or service they f--- it up, beyond all repair. FUBAR. Or they make the new model more expensive - without making it better. With few exceptions, everything new that I have purchased in the last several years has sucked. Including computers. And my new toothbrush, my new t-shirts, and even my new underwear.

Maybe the millennials have a point: they buy little or nothing. Less is more. Nothing is everything. Or, let's go back to the time when they made stuff properly. That was in the 1950's. Or the 60's. Or the 70's. Or the 80's.

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