Recall Governor Jerry Brown

This week The Stu Pitt Award goes to ...

California Governor Jerry Brown

For handing money to illegal immigrants

In the midst of the worst economic times since the Great Depression, here is what California Governor Jerry Brown just did ...

He signed the California Dream Act into law. The California Dream Act allows illegal immigrants to get California public money (OUR money) for student loans to go to college. California state tax dollars will now go to illegal immigrant students in the state who have the grades and want to go to college. Even though they are not legal residents of the state or even in the U.S. legally!

The Governor signed the new law in spite of all the prior polls which said that 80%-90% of the people of California were against it! We, the people of California, 80%-90% of the l-e-g-a-l residents, were dead set against this piece of legislation and he passed it anyway. The nerve and arrogance of him!

Just when you thought the crazy worthless state legislators in Sacramento, California's state capital, couldn't get any more worthless or any more crazy they, and the Governor, topped themselves by passing a law providing government money (OUR money) for college student loans for illegal immigrants. And in doing so, the State of California is now aiding and abetting an illegal activity; illegal immigration. What part of "illegal" in illegal immigrant do you not understand?

As California teeters on the brink of bankruptcy and suffers from massive unemployment and the worst real estate depression in its history its legislators and governor are dicking around with legally bettering the lives of illegal immigrants ... at the expense of legal residents. How insane is that? Now you know, for sure, there is no doubt, when it comes to thwarting the will of the people, when it comes to pure arrogance and pure insanity, California governor Jerry Brown has no limits! None. It's stupifying.

For signing this abominable insulting outrageous anti-American state law you, Governor Jerry Brown, deserve to be immediately recalled by the voters of California!

Congratulations to California Governor Jerry Brown. For your signing of the California Dream Act, a BAD law, a law insulting and outrageous to all legal residents of California, a law which disregards the will of the people, and devalues and demeans U.S. citizenship across the entire United States of America, this week you deservedly earned the Stu Pitt award. And a recall.