This week The Stu Pitt Award goes to ...

AOL customer service

for the WORST customer service on the planet

OK, I am totally disgusted with AOL. Outraged! Why? Here's why ...

I have aol webmail. Had it for years. Lately when I am composing a new email the font size defaults to size 10. Too small. I want font size 12. I thought that maybe there was a simple way to increase the default font size for sending email - permanently. So I went to aol Help. There it was, a simple fast way to reset your email font size. Except that my email setting did NOT include the portion aol says to change. It was NOT there. I think they were referring only to the PAID aol software. So I looked up how to do it up on google. Nothing.

So, now I will call aol tech support. I can do that because I have the paid aol software on my other computer so I am entitled to tech support. So, I look up the tech support phone number and call it. The automated phone operator asks me about 10 questions before it is willing to transfer me to a human. I waited about 8 minutes on hold. Finally, it rings through to tech support ... and promptly disconnects me.

I did this 4 times. Each time, after going through the entire frustrating automated process I was disconnected, all 4 times! That obviously was not working so I then went to their Live Chat. I filled out the form and hit the "connect to Live Chat" button. No Live Chat. Instead of connecting me to Live Chat it disconnected me and threw me off the web. I tried this 3 times, with the exact same result.

Throwing a fit, but not one to give up easily, I will now call aol corporate headquarters and

1. tell them they suck
2. get my font size fixed the way I want it

I found the phone number and called it. I wanted to make it a quick call as they were in New York and I was in Los Angeles and they did not have a toll free number (why am I not surprised). I called the aol corporate headquarters. I got an automated operator who gave me a couple of choices. I could leave a message OR speak to customer service. What! A major American corporation, in New York, during business hours on a Monday, who didn't even have a human being answering incoming calls to their corporate headquarters? WTF? Faced with this insanity I opted to speak to customer service. I was put through to aol customer service at their New York corporate headquarters and, lo and behold, ended up with the same stupid automated operator and voice tree I had gotten in L.A.! Needless to say I was put on hold. Same b.s. as before except now it was long distance and I was paying for it. I stayed on hold for about 5 minutes and finally, completely pissed off and totally outraged, hung up. And promptly gave aol the Stu Pitt Award for this week.

4 separate phone calls to tech support, 3 Live Chat attempts, 1 long distance phone call to corporate headquarters, 1 wasted hour of my time. Ending up with no help, no hope.

AOL really really really sucks!

Congratulations, AOL, this week, for having the absolute WORST customer service on the planet, you deservedly earned the Stu Pitt Award!