Mitt Romney

This week The Stu Pitt Award goes to ...

Mitt Romney

for his VP running mate pick

Romney Picks White Guy As VP
Paul Ryan of Wisconsin chosen as Romney running mate for 2012 U.S. presidential election

Stu Pitt says, "Hey Mitt, haven’t you heard about political correctness? First of all, for your VP running mate, you should have picked a woman, not a man. What‘s the problem, couldn’t you find a black, hispanic, asian, jewish (or muslim), eskimo woman? Preferably not rich. And, of course, she should be gay. Or at least bisexual. Or transsexual. Or all three.

It’s 2012. It’s the “new” America. You Republicans are out of touch. You need to get with the program and be more liberal, and a lot more politically correct!

The world is watching. Europe is watching. Asia is watching. The underdeveloped third world is watching. Women are watching. Liberal Democrats are watching. Gays and lesbians are watching. 2 straight white guys on the same ticket? No way, Jose!

Congratulations, Mitt, for your politically incorrect VP choice, this week you deservedly earned the Stu Pitt Award!"

If you have a sense of humor politically, the above is satire, it's supposed to be funny. If you have no sense of humor politically, nothing is funny.