food stamps

This week The Stu Pitt Award goes to ...

Barack Obama

for starving the American people

1/6th of America is on food stamps

From abcnews, Sept 7, 2011:

"The number of Americans struggling to put food on the table remains at record levels though the Obama administration says the government’s safety net has kept hunger from getting worse.

The USDA reports about one out of every six Americans had trouble coming up with enough money to buy food at some point last year.

That’s nearly 49 million people – 14.5 percent of the population – a figure virtually unchanged from previous year.

That marks a second consecutive year that the USDA’s annual hunger survey has found ”food insecurity” at the highest levels since the government started the report in 1995."

WTF??? 1 out of 6 Americans is strugging to put food on the table??? What is this, 1929? Biafra? The "new" America, under socialism?

Well, it sucks!

Hey, Obama! Hey Washington! Stop playing politics and get this friggin economy going so people can afford to buy food!

President Obama (and the rest of you morons in Washington) - for playing politics with something as basic as food, you deservedly earned this week's Stu Pitt Award!