Cake Poker/Juicy Stakes

This week The Stu Pitt Award goes to ...

Cake Poker

Juicy Stakes poker

for cheating me out of $2.9 million

This is a first! An all-time, never-before-happened first. The world's first tandem Stu Pitt Award! To be shared by 2 online gaming sites, Cake Poker and Juicy Stakes.

For refusing to give me my $2.9 million in online Texas Holdem winnings.

Here's what happened ...

I was forced to change my poker playing site (Cake Poker), and transfer to a new site (Juicy Stakes). Cake Poker is apparently no longer offering the online Texas Holdem poker game in my country (U.S.) that I play. They are both European sites, I believe they are in the UK. So, I was forced to stop playing on Cake Poker, by them, and automatically transferred to Juicy Stakes, to sign up and and play online. And in doing so I lost my entire $2.9 million in winnings (play money). I appealed to the new site (Juicy Stakes) to reinstate my winnings from Cake Poker. They were unable or unwilling to do so. I then appealed to the original site, Cake Poker, to reinstate/transfer my $2.9 million to the new site. They were also unable or unwilling to do so. I appealed several times to both sites. They both refused to give me my winnings.

Yes, it's only play money but it was hard earned play money and it meant a lot to me! I started with $1,000 and ran it up to $2.9 million. I played for 20-30 minutes every day during lunchtime. For over a year! I spent hundreds of hours earning every penny of the $2.9 million. And now it's gone. The $2.9 million was mine. I earned it fair and square. And they refuse to give it to me. In my book we call people who do that "cheaters".

Congratulations, Cake Poker and Juicy Stakes, for refusing to give an online player his rightful online winnings, you deservedly earned the world's first tandem Stu Pitt Award!

Windows 8

This week The Stu Pitt Award goes to ...


for Windows 8

On Friday, March 1, I bought a new computer. After weeks of online and in-store research, I bought a brand new HP laptop. 11.6 inches. 500 mb hard drive. 7 hour battery life. Nice! I bought it to get more battery life than my current laptop (3 hours). The new computer came with Windows 8. I paid over $500 for the computer.

I took the new computer home, set it up, and spent 3 hours familiarizing myself with the new Windows 8 operating system. It was VERY confusing and unintuitive. The next day, Saturday, I spent 4-5 more hours trying to figure out how to do simple tasks. On Sunday morning, I spent another 3 hours getting used to the new and VERY different Windows 8.

I was stunned to discover that ALL the things I wanted to do, and was used to doing, on Windows 7 had now changed, and practically everything in Windows 8 was in COMPLETELY different places. Unintuitive places! From the Start menu, which is not a button but one of like a hundred large "tiles" it took multiple clicks of my mouse to do basic things like open Internet Explorer (IE 10). I had a hell of a time navigating Windows 8 to accomplish even the most basic and simple things, like finding installed apps, control panel, et al. Needless to say, I was not pleased. I went online and tried to visit my usual favorite web sites. Some/several would not open. The little circle in the broswer just sat there and spun. And spun. And spun.

OK, yes, by now I was a very unhappy camper. Then, suddenly, my Microsoft account was blocked. You need a Microsoft account to access/open your computer, the computer you paid for with your hard earned dollars but are forced to use the way Microsoft wants you to use it, not the way YOU want to use it. Blocked? Blocked account? Yes. Blocked. By Microsoft. The reason? Their notice of blocking said that it appears that I was sending spam, or violating their user agreement. Neither was remotely true!!! I have never sent spam in my life! And I did NOT violate any of the terms and conditions in their User Agreement! I contacted Microsoft and they refused to unblock my account, instead forcing me to change my password; to a new password that must have not only letters but had to contain numbers AND at least 1 capital letter. WTF? Who on God's green earth could ever remember a password that contains all that? Certainly not me. What password do you use, something like AuntBetty98yearsyoung??? How the hell would you ever remember that? I refused to change my already existing already complicated password. I continued as best I could with a blocked account. I also called Hewlett Packard technical support and spent an hour on the phone with them trying to fix a number of other serious "issues". They were unable to fix any. They tested and diagnosed every area of the computer and stated that is is not a hardware problem causing my issues. I believed them. I then called my internet isp regarding not being able to access my usual web sites. They (and I) spent over an hour testing and reconfiguring every possible broadband issue that could cause my surfing problem. No problems were found. They said it is not an isp issue causing the problem and I believed them. So, what was causing all the irrtating and frustrating issues that was preventing me from using my new computer in a normal, useful and enjoyable way? I believe it was Windows 8.

At 1 pm on Sunday, after more than 10 hours (over 3 days) of enormous frustration and aggravation, I disgustedly returned the unusable computer to Staples, where I had purchased it. And got a full 100% refund, no questions asked. (unlike many other computer retailers who either charge you a fat restocking fee or make you get your refund from the manufacturer, or declare that it has to be "dead-on-arrival" i.e. smashed, in order to return it).

So now, I have no new computer. I still need, and want, a new computer. With a small screen, a good keyboard and a long battery life. Without Windows 8 in it. Good luck. EVERY new pc comes with Windows 8 installed in it. Spending several hours online trying to find a non-Apple (too expensive) pc with Windows 7, instead of Windows 8 on it, turned out to be nearly impossible. Everything shown online is a new computer. With Windows 8 in it. There are virtually NO old stock 11.6 - 12 inch laptops with a long battery life, which also contains Windows 7, not 8. Finally, I found one. The same exact HP computer as the one I returned, except it was last year's model. New in the box. With Windows 7 not 8. It was the ONLY one in the world. I mean it, there was only one listed anywhere on the internet. Anywhere in the entire world! One. And luckily, it was in the United States. I bought it. On And, now, I am waiting for it to arrive. In the meantime I am recovering from my nightmarish experience with the new and NOT improved Windows 8.

Until Microsoft radically fixes their operating system to be more usable and more user fiendly, avoid Windows 8 at all costs. Even if you have to be without a computer. Or, take out a bank loan or second mortgage and buy an Apple.

Congratulations, Microsoft, this week, for your insanely stupid, unusable and unfriendly Windows 8 operating system, you deservedly earned the Stu Pitt Award!