the road to ruin

L.A. - A Third World City

Besides high unemployment, poor public education, the worst traffic congestion in the U.S.,and massive poverty, Los Angeles now has badly deteriorating streets. And potholes. Lots of potholes. Big potholes.

And the City of Los Angeles says it doesn't have the money to fix them.

Near where I live, on a major street leading to Warner Bros studios and the L.A. zoo, is a pothole. The city patched it months ago and the patch has collapsed, the pothole has reverted to it original size; about 1.5 feet wide and 6 inches deep. A road hazard. The pothole is getting bigger every day. Soon, it will be swallowing small children and pets.

I reported it to the city's Bureau of Street Services via email. I got a canned response thanking me and giving me a service request number. The service request number was 14,000,000+. 14 million plus! Does that mean there are 14 million pothole filling requests ahead of me?

Deteriorating roads and streets are an early sign of a crumbling civilization. L.A. is crumbling. The second largest city in America is fast becoming a third world city. The average extra cost of vehicle repair due to bad roads and streets in L.A. is $800 a year!

And now the City of Los Angeles wants to raise the already high sales tax to pay for fixing the streets! WTF? We ALREADY paid taxes to fix the streets. Where did the money go??? Meanwhile, sanitation collectors who work for the City of Los Angeles will earn $75,000 in 2014. Maybe L.A. should stop giving away TAXPAYER money for bloated salaries, benefits and pensions ... and fix the f-ing streets!

If this pothole problem continues, the next vehicle I buy may be a Sherman tank!

10 days later the pothole was filled. Seeing how the city of L.A. has an enormous bureaucracy I was amazed that it was fixed at all, let alone in 10 days. I guess you CAN fight city hall!