How To Take Back America!

Where's your America?

And how do you get it back?

What's wrong with America? Politicians. Politicians are what's wrong with America. They are out of touch, unaccountable to the people, and are failing to do what needs to be done.

What's the solution?

That's right. We need to fire every politician, at every election. We need to fire every single incumbent, regardless of their party affiliation. Whether they are a Democrat or a Republican we need to fire them. Neither major political party is getting the job done. Neither party is doing the work of the people. Instead, they are dicking around with STUPID nonessential things, and not doing essential things like stimulating the economy, creating jobs, lowering taxes, creating more freedom and opportunity, and reducing the size and spending of government. Instead, every politician, at the local, state and federal level, is busy spending, and wasting, our tax dollars and playing politics!

It doesn't matter anymore if we are a Democrat or a Republican, we are not getting what we want and need from our politicians ... all we are getting is s-c-r-e-w-e-d.

I say: fire the bastards! Fire 'em all! Vote them all out of office! Vote whoever is in office out of office. Every time. Until every politician in America get the message. Hey, you political a-holes, you work for US! And, because you did such a lousy job working for us, you're FIRED!

OK, how does it work? What happens if we vote EVERYBODY out of office at every election?

Whenever an election comes up, vote for someone other then the incumbent. ANYONE else. Vote ONLY for an Independent, not a Democrat or a Republican. Vote for a candidate who is not affiliated with the Democratic or Republican party. And, if the incumbent is already an Independent, vote them out ... and vote for any other candidate who is NOT an Independent, a Democrat or a Republican. If you can't find a good candidate, write someone in. Write in a male or female porn star or hooker! At least it'll be obvious you're getting fucked! Am I mocking the voting process? The voting process is already being mocked - by our elected officials, who are seemingly accountable to no one; not the voters, not the country, not the Constitution, not the people.

It's "government of the people, by the people, and for the people". It's NOT "government of the government, by the government, and for the government".

What will I do about it? I plan to vote in every election. I plan to vote every single incumbent politician who is up for re-election, out of office. Until, finally, maybe we get proper elected officials, elected officials who are responsive and accountable to we, the people. One term is all any politician in America is going to get. No matter what. That being the case, as politicians will NOT be re-elected, they may as well work on behalf of the people, and the country, they represent.

Where's our America? How do we get it back? We VOTE all politicians out, every single one - local, state and federal - until we get the ones that don't play politics, at the expense of 300 million wonderful, exceptional Americans!

Enough is enough. America is broken. It needs to be fixed. Now. Starting with firing the people who broke it, the politicians. What say you? Are you with me?