Turn On Your Cellphone!

"The Transportation Security Administration says it is adding the requirement that passengers coming to the U.S. from some airports must turn on devices such as cellphones before boarding.

It says devices that won't power up won't be allowed on planes and those travelers may have to undergo additional screening. Turning on an electronic device can show a screener that the laptop or cell phone, for instance, is a working device and that the batteries are used for operating that device and are not hidden explosives."

OK, sounds like a good idea, doesn't it? Let's look further ...

It takes my iphone5 about 20 seconds to boot up. Taking into account that a passenger has to move up and be next in line, find their cellphone, take it out, and turn it on for the airport security screener, let's assume, therefore, it takes about one minute for the airport screener to check the cellphone of each passenger.

Let's assume there are 200 seats on a major airline plane. 200 seats x 1 minute = 200 minutes. That means an additional 200 minutes of pre-boarding "security minutes" passengers must endure before boarding their flight.

200 minutes is three-and-one-third hours.

The new TSA cellphone security check could produce an ADDITIONAL waiting time of 3+ hours for passengers boarding a flight! A giant additional delay. Is that nuts??? No, it's our government in action.

Perhaps airline passengers who wish to come to America from overseas will instead fly to Mexico ... walk across the border ... and illegally enter the United States. Why not? Everybody else does. No documents required. No waiting. No delays. NO PROBLEM. Plus, once you get here you can stay as long as you like. In fact, like the already existing 11 million illegal visitors in the U.S., we won't even know you're here.