Hey, all you morons in Washington. Want to know what to do about ISIS and all the other terrorist groups in the Middle East?

Here's a simple, efficient, effective plan ... it goes like this

The President of the United States gives a short press conference. Here is what the President says ...

"The Middle East is being taken over by extremist radical Islamic terrorist groups. The countries most at risk of being invaded or taken over by murderous radical Islamists are: Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia."

I speak now directly to the legitimate and moderate leaders in the Middle East. The legitimate and moderate government leaders of Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

ALL of you moderate leaders in the Middle East better get your act together and get rid of the extreme terrorists in the Middle East ... before they take over YOUR country, and take your government, your wealth, your power, and maybe your head.

Speaking for America, we are not going to rid the Middle East of ISIS or ISIL or whatever the barbaric murderers are called. It is not OUR job to do this, it's the job of you moderate Middle East leaders. YOU need to clean out your terrorists. Get rid of them. Permanently. The extreme radical groups in the Middle East are on the move. And they are coming soon to a Middle Eastern city near YOU. Stop them. By whatever means necessary. Do it now. If you don't you, and your people, will be forced to live under extreme Islam and Sharia Law. Or die. The choice is yours."

And, if the president doesn't want to say that publicly, then he can say it to each of the leaders of the above Middle East countries privately, using his pen and phone.

ISIS problem solved. Without American involvement and without blowing billions of American dollars.