nuke something!

In 1945, U.S. President Harry S. Truman, in order to stop a non-stopping Japanese war effort, dropped two atomic bombs on Japan. That stopped Japan and ended the war.

What happened to the America that dropped atomic bombs on its enemies, nuking them into submission when they would not stop?

Why are we allowing foreign militant governments or rebels to attack their native population, why are we allowing foreign extremists and terrorists to attack us and/or continue to declare war on America?

Here's an idea ...

Nuke something.

One little nuke and all the nonsense stops.

After 9/11, I came up with the idea that the U.S. should pick a mountain in Afghanistan. A high mountain, a big mountain, with only a few goats on it. Then, we give out the map coordinates and notify the world media that, in 3 days hence, at noon, everyone should watch the mountain. For a special event. On live TV. 3 days later, at noon, we drop a low-radiation nuclear bomb on the mountain. BOOM! The mountain disappears in a huge nuclear cloud. No humans killed, maybe just a few mountain goats. The blast producing only minimal low-level radiation. No soldiers, no boots on the ground. No drones, no targeted air strikes. No freaking stupid ineffective diplomacy! No long drawn out war. One plane, one nuke, one mountain. Simple. Efficient. Effective. What's the message? The message is: "Don't fuck with the U.S. If you do, YOUR ass could be nuked next!" End of problem. The world gets quiet. The militant extremists get quiet. The terrorists get quiet. The dictators around the world get quiet and stop fucking around. All the aggressive nasty assholes around the world shut up and go hide in their palaces. Immediately. Peace reigns. For decades. Why? As crazy as the crazies are, as nasty as the nasties are, none of them want to be nuked. And we, the U.S., will have demonstrated - once again - that if provoked, we can, and will, do it.

America chose to nuke two cities in order to end World War II.

If we chose to nuke a mountain in Afghanistan after 9/11 we would not have any of the dangerous death-dealing foreign policy problems we have today. Today, we have another chance. Perhaps the last chance. Extreme times requires extreme actions. Nuke something. Nuke it hard. Nuke it now.