pave the bastards

pave the bastards!

I'm sick and tired of terrorists, fanatics and other assorted assholes killing lots of innocent people, threatening nations, the world, and/or my country, the United States of America. I've had it.

What can we do about this growing ongoing problem? Here is a simple, efficient and effective solution ...

1. the U.S. isolates the overseas geographical area where the "problem" exists. i.e. Syria.

2. We issue one warning to cease and desist. If unheeded, 3 days later we bomb the living shit out of the entire area. Not targeted missile strikes, huge WWII style bombs, bombs which level everything around where it hits. We continue bombing until every structure in the area has been destroyed.

3. we send in huge bulldozers and clear the rubble.

4. we send in hundreds of paving machines and pave the entire area.

5. we leave.

The result? A huge parking lot. Asphalt everywhere. As far as the eye can see. Miles of asphalt. Now let the terrorists, fanatics and assholes try and mount a campaign of terror and domination ... with nothing. Where they were, nothing now exists. Nothing. Nothing standing. No buildings, no trees, no food, no houses, no toilets, no vehicles, no people. Nothing. Nothing but miles of asphalt, nothing but a huge empty parking lot!

We only have to do it once. One good paving and all the nonsense stops. The rest of the terrorists, fanatics and assorted assholes around the world will get the message. "DON'T FUCK WITH AMERICA! If you do, you will be paved."

Pave the bastards.

Simple. Efficient. Effective.

Let's do it. Starting NOW.