school teaches students to protest

Missouri Democratic state senator and University City school board member Maria Chappelle-Nadal said on MSNBC that her school district had taken steps to prepare their students to protest in the wake of the Ferguson grand jury decision, including changes to the school district’s curriculum.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid began by noting the large amount of young people who have been taking part in the Ferguson unrest. “Are there preparations in place, state senator, to deal with the fact that you could have a lot of young people out on the streets, a lot of young people protesting and marching?”

“Yes, absolutely,” Chappelle-Nadal said. “In fact, I’m proud as a school board member that we have prepared our students for this.”

“We have been changing our curriculum,” she added. “We are providing safe spaces for our students in our school district so they can protest

Are you kidding me? Since when is the government's, i.e. schools', job to school young kids on HOW TO PROTEST? Teaching school kids how to protest a legal grand jury verdict? How to protest a legal verdict you don't like? Teaching that in school, using TAXPAYER dollars???

Protesting a legal verdict you don't like is NOT a subject that should be taught in school. ANY school. Whatever happened to schools teaching the freaking three Rs: reading, riting and 'rithmetic???

dont wash your hands

Don't use this? Really?

A new study has revealed that restroom hand dryers spread more bacteria than paper towels into the air, on to users and bystanders.

Research at the University of Leeds found that air bacterial counts were nearly 30% higher around driers when compared with paper towel dispensers, the Daily Express reported.

According to the research, airborne germ counts close to jet air driers were found to be 4.5 times higher than around warm air driers and 27 times higher compared with the air when using paper towels

So if there is only an air dryer in the restroom maybe it's better if we DON'T wash our hands after using the facilities? Or wash our hands and then wipe them on our shirt?

head fob

Dude, where's my car?

Next time you're wandering through a vast parking lot, looking for your car, there's a weird strategy you can try: hold your remote unlocking device up to your head.

It might sound pretty crazy, but it will actually extend the device's range a bit — perhaps causing your car to light up, letting you more easily find it.

We were skeptical too, but a few physicists have actually conducted some experiments that prove it's true.

Stu Pitt says: It has to do with the electrical energy in your brain. So, to find your far-away vehicle, just hold your remote up to your head and extend the range.

Or you could just have your car fob implanted in your head.

food causes global warming

Recent findings that suggest modern farm production could be having a major impact on global carbon cycles could greatly improve today’s climate models and improve forecasting.

A recent study showed that a big jump in food production to meet rising food demands from a burgeoning global population is responsible for as much as 25 percent of the seasonal increase in carbon dioxide (CO2), according to Economic Times.

Chris Kucharik, a co-author of the study who works at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, said the research findings are “another piece of evidence” suggesting that things humans do on a large scale can have big effects on the planet as a whole.

Farms, crops cause global warming? Well then, let's ban food. No food. Now THAT'S a global warming diet!

Here comes Mexico

According to a Pew Poll

A 33% of Mexicans say that if they had the means and opportunity to go live in the U.S. they would do so, and 18% would migrate if they had the chance say they would do so without authorization.

The population of Mexico is 122 million. That means 40 million more Mexicans want to move to the United States. And 22 million Mexicans would come here illegally.

Where are they all going to live, in the White House?

And, no, I am not racist or anti-immigration. I am against ILLEGAL immigration. Because it's against the law.

texting neck

Frequently hunching over to read or write text messages could be damaging your spine, according to a new Surgical Technology International study that compares looking down at a cell phone to placing a 60-pound weight on your neck.

In the new study, author Dr. Kenneth K. Hansraj, Chief of Spine Surgery at New York Spine Surgery & Rehabilitation Medicine, set out to explain that people were demonstrating poor posture while using their mobile devices.

60-pound weight on your neck? Texting neck? Another good reason not to text.

Planet Of The Vapes

Planet Of The Vapes

"Vaping" is the water vapor emitted when you use an e-cigarette. An electronic cigarette. Electronic cigarettes have no tobacco, instead it uses nicotine and water vapor. E-cigs eliminate thousands of chemicals found in cigarettes, many of these chemicals are deadly. I stopped smoking and starting using e-cigs on December 7, 2011. I have not had a cigarette since then. Not one. I am a "vaper", one who vapes. I even have a hat that says "vaper"!

Millions of people have stopped smoking and started vaping. It's a revolution. It's a multi-billion dollar industry. Earth is now becoming "the planet of the vapes".

Who vapes? EVERYBODY vapes! Even mice.

And Leonardo DiCaprio

And old women

And young women

And, of course, ME.

It's a new world. A world without cigarettes.

Welcome to the Planet Of The Vapes

World Toilet Day

World Toilet Day

Today is the second annual World Toilet Day. (I kid you not!) World Toilet Day is an event raising awareness of the 2.5 billion people do not have access to adequate sanitation - and the problems that brings.

This years’ theme is equality and dignity with the organisation, in co-ordination with UN-Water, campaigning to end open defecation, a previously unmentionable topic, faced by one billion people daily.

In India around 818 million people defecate in public. In the Congo around 72 per cent of the population do not have access to an indoor toilet, while 80 per cent of Ethiopians, roughly 71 million people, also defecate outside.

Really? 2.5 billion people do not have access to a toilet and defecate in public? And liberal Democrats think AMERICA is a bad place??? You want America to be like the rest of the world? OK, we'll take away your toilet. Make you go to the bathroom outside, in public, like the rest of the world. Now THAT'S "fair and equal".

pet rabbits must be microchipped

typical pet rabbit in L.A.

From the Beverly Hills Courier newspaper:

"Pet rabbits in Los Angeles must be microchipped under a policy adopted by the Los Angeles City Council today.

The City Attorney was instructed draft an amended ordinance to reflect the requirement approved 13-0 by the council.

The cost of adopting a rabbit will go up from $56 to $71 in order to include the $15 microchipping fee. The costs include the $16 adoption fee, a $40 deposit for spaying or neutering, and the expense of microchipping the rabbit.

Last year, 918 rabbits were adopted in Los Angeles, according to city records."

The purpose of the microchip? The stated purpose of the microchip is to be able to return lost or runaway rabbits to the rightful owner. I kid you not.

Mandatory microchips for rabbits? Really? L.A. has many critical problems, including the worst traffic congestion in the nation, high unemployment, high taxes, high rents and real estate prices, high poverty rates, lousy schools, drought, gangs and other major serious issues. And the Los Angeles City Council is spending taxpayer time and money regulating RABBITS? Are you kidding me??? Apparently not.

The War On Women

Let's put the "War On Women" into prospective.

From AP Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Saudi Loosens Up and Lets Some Women Drive

"Under the recommendations outlined by the council member speaking to AP, only women over 30 would be allowed to drive and they would need permission from a male relative — usually a husband or father, but lacking those, a brother or son. They would be allowed to drive from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Saturday through Wednesday and noon to 8 p.m. on Thursday and Friday ..."

"The conditions would also require that a woman driver wear conservative dress and no makeup, the official said."

Only women over 30? Only until 8 PM? No makeup? Only conservative dress? Really?

And America is a bad place for women???

stupid anti-gun law

"wait a minute while I load my gun"


"LOS ANGELES — Gun owners in Los Angeles would be required to store their firearms in locked containers, or apply trigger locks when not using them, under an ordinance proposed by a half-dozen City Council members today."

“Parents always ask, ‘Is your pool secured, is your pet safe?’ But they don’t ask the simple question, ‘If you have a gun in your home, is it safely stored? Is it locked up, unloaded and the ammunition stored separately from the gun?"

I can just imagine what could happen when a gun owner in L.A. is the victim of a break-in and his or her unloaded gun is locked in a safe, or the trigger fitted with a lock, and the bullets stored in another place.

"Oh, hello burglar. Thanks for breaking in and trying to steal my possessions. Glad I caught you. Listen, could you wait 5 minutes while I open my gun safe and get my gun? And wait another few minutes while I get my bullets from another place and load it?"

One of the main reasons people have a gun in their home is for SELF-PROTECTION. To protect themselves and their property. From criminals. How can people protect themselves in their own home if they can't quickly get to their legally-owned weapon??? Passing a law forcing people to lock up their legally-owned guns? In their own home? And keep the bullets somewhere separate? Where's the common sense? Where's the reality? Where's the U.S. Constitution?


Los Angeles wastes another $1million

From the Washington Post

"If you're on the city of Los Angeles's payroll with a bright idea about how to make the city work better, there's now a million dollars waiting to help make that happen.

On Thursday, Los Angeles announced that it has launched what it called an "in-house venture capital fund" stocked with general city funds as part of the recently passed budget. As of now, city employees apply for an uncapped portion of the $1 million available through

The ideas will be evaluated by city officials, including representatives of the mayor's office. They will be looking, the city says, for plans that are both original and achievable: proposed innovations should be capable of being both implemented and evaluated within a year of funding."

I say: are you kidding me??? Rewarding city workers for fixing problems? That's the city's JOB! That's what they're there for!

Los Angeles has the worst traffic congestion in the nation, bad streets, high unemployment, high rents and among the very highest government worker salaries. And the city does little or nothing to alleviate ANY of these critical problems. Now they want to REWARD government workers even further -- with a million dollar "award" -- for "innovation"??? Government innovation is an oxymoron. And worse, the $1 million award is to be paid out of the General Fund, which is funded by the taxpayers? This idea is stupefying. Insane. And typical government thinking. And NOT innovative, just stupid and costly.

This Innovate L.A. idea is yet another example of politicians and bureaucrats being out of touch with reality. And being out of their minds. Another example of "government for the government, of the government and by the government".

To add insult to injury, the city will probably award the $1 million to the idiot who thought up this stupid idea!