Los Angeles wastes another $1million

From the Washington Post

"If you're on the city of Los Angeles's payroll with a bright idea about how to make the city work better, there's now a million dollars waiting to help make that happen.

On Thursday, Los Angeles announced that it has launched what it called an "in-house venture capital fund" stocked with general city funds as part of the recently passed budget. As of now, city employees apply for an uncapped portion of the $1 million available through Innovate.LAcity.org.

The ideas will be evaluated by city officials, including representatives of the mayor's office. They will be looking, the city says, for plans that are both original and achievable: proposed innovations should be capable of being both implemented and evaluated within a year of funding."

I say: are you kidding me??? Rewarding city workers for fixing problems? That's the city's JOB! That's what they're there for!

Los Angeles has the worst traffic congestion in the nation, bad streets, high unemployment, high rents and among the very highest government worker salaries. And the city does little or nothing to alleviate ANY of these critical problems. Now they want to REWARD government workers even further -- with a million dollar "award" -- for "innovation"??? Government innovation is an oxymoron. And worse, the $1 million award is to be paid out of the General Fund, which is funded by the taxpayers? This idea is stupefying. Insane. And typical government thinking. And NOT innovative, just stupid and costly.

This Innovate L.A. idea is yet another example of politicians and bureaucrats being out of touch with reality. And being out of their minds. Another example of "government for the government, of the government and by the government".

To add insult to injury, the city will probably award the $1 million to the idiot who thought up this stupid idea!