cyber nuke the bastards

Cyber War. Fight it. Win it.

According to U.S. officials, North Korea was behind the Sony hacking which resulted in the cancellation of the nationwide showing of a major motion picture. This is a cyber Act of War.

What should America do? How should we respond?

Here is what we should do:

America should cyber nuke all the asshole countries that try to cyber attack us. I say "Cyber-nuke the bastards! Hack THEM. And shut down all their electric grids, internet access, cell phone networks, banking systems and all other services that a government needs to function. Shut down their whole country. Shut their asses down. Bankrupt them." That will teach our enemies not to cyberfuck with America.

That is how America needs to respond to cyber-terrorism. That is how America needs to respond to a cyber Act of War. Anything else is weak. And anything else won't work.

As of 2015, let's not ignore cyber terrorism. Let's not "talk nice" to cyber attacking foreign countries. Let's not give in and appease foreign nations who cyber attack us. We need to stop being a wimp nation. Let's be strong and active. Let's protect our country. Let's cyber-nuke the bastards! Now is good.

Obama cheapens American lives

Once again, Obama cheapens American lives

Prisoner exchanges under the Obama Administration has cheapened the worth of Americans, has made the lives of Americans worth less.

Obama released 5 Guantanamo terrorists in 2014 in exchange for ONE American soldier. Terrorists got 5 of their assholes back for the price of 1 American. That makes a terrorist worth 5 times as much as an American!

Later that same year, in December, Obama traded 2 Americans imprisoned in Cuba for 3 Cuban spies held by the U.S. In other words, Cuba got 3 spies back and it only cost them 2 Americans. That makes a Cuban worth 1 1/2 times as much as an American.

Hey, Obama, stop cheapening the value of American lives! I, as an American, am insulted. If the American government is going to do prisoner swaps with our enemies, at least do them on your bullshit "fair and equal" basis. 1 for 1.

In fact, here's a news flash for all you liberal American politicians in Washington: One American is worth more than ALL the freaking terrorists!

Rev Al Sharpton is NOT the voice of black people

Welcome to America, 2015. The land of the racial protest. Brought to you by Reverend Al Sharpton.

Wait a minute. Is Al Sharpton really the voice of black people in America? In a 2013 Zogby poll, commissioned by BET, 24% of the black people polled said that Al Sharpton spoke for them. 24%. Less than 1 out of 4. That means that 76% of black people do NOT support Al Sharpton as the voice of the black community! Fully 3 out of 4 black people do NOT support Sharpton. Yet he acts like they do. He speaks for only one out of four black people yet white America cowers before him. Rev Al Sharpton does NOT speak for the majority of black people in America. He is NOT the voice of the black community. He just has a sharp tongue. Al Sharptongue.

I for one, am sick and tired of self-appointed anti-white reverse racists telling me that whites, and cops, are all racists. Hey, America, let's put a stop to all the "automatic reverse racism" bullshit. We can start by not catering to, and not cowering before, Reverend Al Sharpton.

And, no, writing this does not make me a racist. Or racist because I'm white. Racist? I had a black girlfriend 40 years ago, before most of today's racial protesters were even born.

ugly should be covered by insurance

Now, in New York State, insurance companies can no longer deny transgender New Yorkers the right for gender reassignment surgeries and other treatments.

Other states with similar rulings include: California, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, Oregon, Vermont, and also Washington, D.C.

A transgender is a person who is non-conforming to their sex that was assigned to them at birth. Transgender is independent of sexual orientation. The terms gender and sex have been explained thoroughly in academic literature. Sex is what an individual acquires by birth so it is physiological or biological. Gender, however, is a category a person gets assigned to by themselves or others.

OK. Elective sex change surgery for transgenders is now covered by insurance. If that's the case, what about non-sex-change cosmetic surgery? Like gender, what if "beauty" is assigned to yourself? What if someone is ugly but acts like a beautiful person? Someone who is ugly but thinks of themselves as beautiful? Let's call them Transbeauties. Shouldn't THEY also be covered to undergo surgery to physically match the outer person with the inner person, like transgenders? Why is only transgender surgery covered? Shouldn't surgery in order to transform someone from one thing they are into another thing they want to be, in this case ugly into beautiful, also be covered by insurance?

If state governments are going to force insurance companies to cover elective sex change surgery shouldn't they also force insurance companies to cover "Ugly Betty" surgery?

And no, I am not transgender-phobic. I was writing a satirical literary essay. If you have no sense of humor you didn't laugh when you read the essay. And if you don't know what satire is, you probably didn't laugh either.

my car has been recalled

"Ford Motor Company is recalling roughly 65,000 Fusion, Fusion Hybrid, and Fusion Energi sedans from the 2014 and 2015 model years. According to a statement from the automaker, the recall is meant to fix a software problem that could allow vehicles to roll away under certain conditions."

Roll away??? My freaking car can "roll away"? That's just plain scary!

Why on earth would ANY car manufacturer be allowed to sell a vehicle in the United States that is DEFECTIVE and DANGEROUS??? Don't the car makers check the fucking things before they foist them on innocent and unaware consumers? Obviously not.

Ralph Nader, in his book, "Unsafe At Any Speed", was correct. And his book was written in 1965, 50 years ago!

Defective and dangerous vehicles allowed to be sold to consumers. And allowed to transport your family and children. That's just plain wrong.

Where is the government when we need it? Out to lunch.


The Thinking Cap

Everyone has one. Few ever seem to put it on.

Racism Good For Democrats

All the current focus on race and racism in America is a big boon to Democrats. Why? Because it takes all the attention away from the endless and enormous failures of the Democratic administration since 2008. Failures such as a lengthy poor economy, continuing high unemployment, the explosive rise of ISIS, the Presidential condoning of illegal immigration, numerous high-level government scandals like the IRS, Benghazi, and Obamacare and the loss of power and prestige throughout the world.

Quick to jump on the racism bandwagon, the Dems gotta love it. No more focus on Obama and Co, no more focus on failures, the media focus has now completely shifted to protests and violence and racism nationwide. Protests and violence seemingly based on "immediate automatic racism" by local law enforcement throughout America, despite any evidence or facts to the contrary. It would appear that any use of force by police in America involving a white cop and a black suspect is now automatically dubbed racism--and automatically worthy of massive media coverage. And racially charged comments by Reverend Al Sharpton to fuel the fires.

The number one issue in America is now racism. That is very convenient for the Democrats. Incredibly convenient. The spotlight is no longer on the numerous and huge failures of the Obama Administration and the Democrats. The spotlight is now solely on racism. If I was a conspiracy theorist (I'm not) I would think that possibly the Democrats CREATED the racial tension and protests, in order to get people, and voters, to focus on something else besides the lousy job liberal Democrats have done, to get America, and the world, to focus on something the Democrats can't be blamed for: racism.

Racism. Bad for America. Good for Democrats. Now, they just have to find a way to blame the Republicans for it.

Crazy Clinton

Am I stupid or what?

She made the following remarks during a speech on December 3, 2014 at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.

Touting an approach she calls “smart power,” Clinton urged America to use “every possible tool and partner” to advance peace.

This, she said, includes “leaving no one on the sidelines, showing respect even for one’s enemies, trying to understand and insofar as psychologically possible, empathize with their perspective and point of view.”

I say: "Really? You mean we Americans should understand and empathize with ISIS' point of view? They want to take over the world and forcibly convert everyone to Islam. And if you refuse, they will behead you! And Hillary wants my country to show respect and understand and empathize with THAT point of view? Really?

And she wants to be President?

Hillary, you are a moron! Do America a favor and shut up. And, no, you can't be President!"

eat like a mouse

"... when we eat affects our well being as much as what we eat. The latest study, by researchers at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in La Jolla and published this week in the journal Cell Metabolism, fleshes out the limits and possibilities of using the clock to prevent or reduce obesity and to improve health.

The experiment showed that mice which were fed a high-fat diet, but allowed access to food for only 12 hours per day, were healthier and slimmer than mice given access to the same food for the whole day, according to the Telegraph.

Researchers also saw that skipping midnight snacks improved blood sugar and cholesterol levels in the mice, as well as reversed the effects of diabetes. Researchers plan to conduct the same experiment with humans, BBC News reported."

Yet another scientific eating regimen for better health. I dub this one the "Mice Diet". 12 hours a day food intake? I eat breakfast at 7 AM. So I can't eat anything after 7 PM? That means I would have to give up my tasty 9-10 PM popsicle snacks? I could -- but I don't WANT to! I already gave up almost everything: Fat. Sugar. Smoking. Drinking. Partying. Gambling. Staying up late. Younger women. Anger.

How should we eat? What kind of a diet/eating plan should we maintain? High-fat or low-fat? Low carbs or high carbs? Lots of fruits and veggies, SOME fruits and vegetables or No fruits and vegetables? Meat or no meat? Calories matter or calories don't matter? Eat small meals all day or eat for only half the day? Lots of diets. Lots of contradictions. And all of them claim better health. They ALL can't work!

Me? I'm sticking with my "balanced diet"; i.e. some of everything, not too much of anything.

And popsicles.