cyber nuke the bastards

Cyber War. Fight it. Win it.

According to U.S. officials, North Korea was behind the Sony hacking which resulted in the cancellation of the nationwide showing of a major motion picture. This is a cyber Act of War.

What should America do? How should we respond?

Here is what we should do:

America should cyber nuke all the asshole countries that try to cyber attack us. I say "Cyber-nuke the bastards! Hack THEM. And shut down all their electric grids, internet access, cell phone networks, banking systems and all other services that a government needs to function. Shut down their whole country. Shut their asses down. Bankrupt them." That will teach our enemies not to cyberfuck with America.

That is how America needs to respond to cyber-terrorism. That is how America needs to respond to a cyber Act of War. Anything else is weak. And anything else won't work.

As of 2015, let's not ignore cyber terrorism. Let's not "talk nice" to cyber attacking foreign countries. Let's not give in and appease foreign nations who cyber attack us. We need to stop being a wimp nation. Let's be strong and active. Let's protect our country. Let's cyber-nuke the bastards! Now is good.