Obama cheapens American lives

Once again, Obama cheapens American lives

Prisoner exchanges under the Obama Administration has cheapened the worth of Americans, has made the lives of Americans worth less.

Obama released 5 Guantanamo terrorists in 2014 in exchange for ONE American soldier. Terrorists got 5 of their assholes back for the price of 1 American. That makes a terrorist worth 5 times as much as an American!

Later that same year, in December, Obama traded 2 Americans imprisoned in Cuba for 3 Cuban spies held by the U.S. In other words, Cuba got 3 spies back and it only cost them 2 Americans. That makes a Cuban worth 1 1/2 times as much as an American.

Hey, Obama, stop cheapening the value of American lives! I, as an American, am insulted. If the American government is going to do prisoner swaps with our enemies, at least do them on your bullshit "fair and equal" basis. 1 for 1.

In fact, here's a news flash for all you liberal American politicians in Washington: One American is worth more than ALL the freaking terrorists!