Racism Good For Democrats

All the current focus on race and racism in America is a big boon to Democrats. Why? Because it takes all the attention away from the endless and enormous failures of the Democratic administration since 2008. Failures such as a lengthy poor economy, continuing high unemployment, the explosive rise of ISIS, the Presidential condoning of illegal immigration, numerous high-level government scandals like the IRS, Benghazi, and Obamacare and the loss of power and prestige throughout the world.

Quick to jump on the racism bandwagon, the Dems gotta love it. No more focus on Obama and Co, no more focus on failures, the media focus has now completely shifted to protests and violence and racism nationwide. Protests and violence seemingly based on "immediate automatic racism" by local law enforcement throughout America, despite any evidence or facts to the contrary. It would appear that any use of force by police in America involving a white cop and a black suspect is now automatically dubbed racism--and automatically worthy of massive media coverage. And racially charged comments by Reverend Al Sharpton to fuel the fires.

The number one issue in America is now racism. That is very convenient for the Democrats. Incredibly convenient. The spotlight is no longer on the numerous and huge failures of the Obama Administration and the Democrats. The spotlight is now solely on racism. If I was a conspiracy theorist (I'm not) I would think that possibly the Democrats CREATED the racial tension and protests, in order to get people, and voters, to focus on something else besides the lousy job liberal Democrats have done, to get America, and the world, to focus on something the Democrats can't be blamed for: racism.

Racism. Bad for America. Good for Democrats. Now, they just have to find a way to blame the Republicans for it.