Rev Al Sharpton is NOT the voice of black people

Welcome to America, 2015. The land of the racial protest. Brought to you by Reverend Al Sharpton.

Wait a minute. Is Al Sharpton really the voice of black people in America? In a 2013 Zogby poll, commissioned by BET, 24% of the black people polled said that Al Sharpton spoke for them. 24%. Less than 1 out of 4. That means that 76% of black people do NOT support Al Sharpton as the voice of the black community! Fully 3 out of 4 black people do NOT support Sharpton. Yet he acts like they do. He speaks for only one out of four black people yet white America cowers before him. Rev Al Sharpton does NOT speak for the majority of black people in America. He is NOT the voice of the black community. He just has a sharp tongue. Al Sharptongue.

I for one, am sick and tired of self-appointed anti-white reverse racists telling me that whites, and cops, are all racists. Hey, America, let's put a stop to all the "automatic reverse racism" bullshit. We can start by not catering to, and not cowering before, Reverend Al Sharpton.

And, no, writing this does not make me a racist. Or racist because I'm white. Racist? I had a black girlfriend 40 years ago, before most of today's racial protesters were even born.