global warming hypocrites

From NewsBusters

As media outlets focused on the World Economic Forum’s plans to address climate change it ignored the hypocrisy of the huge number of private jets flying world leaders and celebrities to that conference. Roughly 1,700 private planes will head to Davos, Switzerland for the 2015 World Economic Forum (January 21-24). That doesn’t include commercial air travel or any other method of transit to the conference. Ironically, the top article featured on the “Agenda” section of the World Economic Forum website on Jan. 19, boldly stated that “decarbonizing the global economy in a matter of decades is the number one priority.”

According to Newsweek, former vice president Al Gore will be speaking at Davos “to stress the importance of tackling climate change.”
Al will be arriving, no doubt, in a carbon-belching private jet.

So, is this conference another case of "Don't do as I do, do as I SAY"? Yes. Is it hypocritical? Quite.

To those who urge others to "clean up your act" and/or "live with less" I say, "I judge not your words but your deeds".