health insurance premiums jump 65 percent

Health care premiums
in 2015 jump 65%!

I am a California resident. I have a medicare prescription drug plan from WellCare. They just raised my 2015 monthly premium a whopping 65%!

A 65% jump? For one year? The official annual inflation rate in the U.S. for 2014 was 1.3%.

How on earth can an insurance company justify a 65% annual increase in their premium??? They can't.

This is an outrageous ripoff! Where's the federal and state investigations of insurance companies ripping off sick old people on Medicare and raising premiums 50 times the rate of inflation? There aren't any! Where's our elected state representatives? Where is the United States Attorney General? Where's our Senators and House members? Where is our President? Where's AARP? Silent.