please stop ruining America

The American Bald Eagle - an endangered species?

I was born in America. I grew up in America. I am an American. I am an old American, living in a new America.

For over 200 years America has been unique. Special. A nation with unique values. Unique values, unique principles which made America a beacon for people everywhere, people from every country, people who dreamed of a better life.

America has now lost its way. Why? Because it's critically important HOW you get that better life. In America, you got a better life by taking advantage of freedom and opportunity. Freedom and opportunity. That's what made America the land of the free, the home of the brave.

The unique previously-cherished American principles are individual "freedom" and "opportunity". Freedom and opportunity. For the individual. What does that mean? it means the freedom to live your life the way you wish to live your life (without doing harm to others) and without undue interference by the government. And the opportunity to do that. The opportunity to succeed, to improve your life. It's an opportunity, not a right. It is not guaranteed. It is the American Dream. It is not "handed to you" by the government. It is earned. It is up to each individual to personally improve their life, to make a better life. You have to do the work, take the risk, and take responsibility for your life. America was always about the individual. America was always about the individual improving their own life, not the government doing it for you. That's what made America the beacon of hope for the world.

Yes, making a better life is hard. You need to get at least a basic education and be willing to work hard, and maybe take a few risks. And take personal responsibility for your life. Since 1620, when the pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock, that's how Americans made a better life. They built it. They earned it. They worked for it. This uniquely American concept applies to any--and every--citizen of America today. Whether or not an individual succeeds, whether or not they improve their life is, in the end, that individual's responsibility.

If it were any other way, America would no longer be the land of individual freedom and opportunity. And that is exactly what is happening. And those that would eliminate the individual's responsibility for their own freedom and opportunity will end up with neither freedom nor opportunity. And then America would no longer be the land of the free and the home of the brave. And the beacon of hope for the world.

For centuries, Americans built and lived in a "promised land". They created it. They built it themselves. And now, thanks to allowing and encouraging more and more local, state and federal government intervention, we're turning America into a "no promise land". No more will America be a special nation but instead is fast becoming a nation like other nations--no longer special, no longer a beacon of hope, no longer a mecca for personal freedom and individual opportunity. No longer a place where you can better your own life and the lives of your children. No longer a place where you can create a better life, often with just a little education and a lot of hard work. If America continues on this path the last bright light in the darkness will be gone.

I was born in America. I grew up in America. I am an American. I cherish my individual freedom and opportunity. It is priceless. America is priceless. Once it's gone, it's gone. And the world will be a poorer place.

I am an old American, living in the new America. And I am homesick.

"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves." - Abraham Lincoln