sex, lies and politicians

Where did politicians ever get the idea that they could lie? Who said politicians could lie? Why do politicians get a pass when they tell an obvious lie, especially when they knew it was a lie. Outrageous lies like:

"Oral sex is not sex"

"If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor"

"If you like your health plan you can keep your health plan"

"We have to pass the law to know what's in it"

Lies. Liars. Politicians telling outright lies they know are not true. Making campaign promises they have no intentions of keeping. Lies, lies and more lies.

And politicians wonder why they are not trusted? In America, Members of Congress and lobbyists are the least trusted group of people. For trustworthiness, they rank at the very bottom, lower than used car salesmen. Why? Because they lie.

And shame on us, the public, for allowing politicians to get away with all the lies. We the voters elect politicians who lie. Politicians who make promises they do not keep. Instead of booing their lies, and turning our backs on lying politicians, we voters not only excuse the liars, we reward the liars, electing them to public office. Why? Because ALL politicians are liars? Maybe so. Out of the many thousands of politicians in America can you name five current "honest" politicians, politicians who have not lied?

Whatever happened to Thou Shalt Not Lie? Isn't that one of the Ten Commandments? Yes, the Ninth Commandment. Thou. Shalt. Not. Lie. That being the case, why in God's name, are politicians allowed to lie? It's just plain wrong.