Global Warming extinction

The American pika, a rabbit-like fur ball found in the mountains of western North America, is disappearing in California. According to a recent study, rising temperatures seem to be causing extinction of some pika populations in low elevation sites in the Sierra Nevada.

Santa Cruz, said that it's troubling and this somewhat points the finger at climate change.

Pika? In my entire life, I have never heard of the pika. Hmm. Seems like EVERYTHING that changes in nature is caused by man-made global warming. Soon, I expect the anti-human environmentalists will blame Man for the natural extinction of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago ... even though there were few humans running around and NO man-made factories or automobiles at that time. Nonetheless, today, we humans are to blame for everything. Why? Because "holier-than-thou" people, hypocrites, and junk science will make us feel guilty, will tell us that OUR human activity is bad, no matter what it is. While THEIR human activity is, of course, just fine. Or doesn't count. Perhaps we should just revert back to the cavemen days. Yeah, that'll work.