L.A. Care doesn't care


"Leaders of a publicly funded Los Angeles County health access provider spent $476,000 on expensive dinners and entertainment for themselves, while their clients, who are mostly low income and on Medi-Cal, waited in long lines to receive care, said Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael Antonovich.

Antonovich ordered an audit of L.A. Care Health Plan in January because of concerns about lax oversight of the agency under its former CEO, Howard Kahn, and members of the governing board.

L.A. Care is the nation’s largest publicly operated health plan that administers more than $4 billion in public funds to more than 1.6 million people. It also is one of the plans offered on Covered California.

Kahn left L.A. Care at the end of last year after leading the agency for 13 years. The agency spent $12,400 on eight farewell lunches for his retirement, according to the audit.

Antonovich was appointed to the L.A. Care board in December.

He said the $476,000 was spent on extravagant meals with liquor and entertainment over the last 16 months. Though a television news story about the spending aired last year, Kahn and the governing board continued to spend.

“L.A. Care was created to make health care accessible to our county’s most vulnerable populations — not to be a personal credit card for the entertainment of its CEO and Governing Board,” Antonovich said in a statement Friday.

“The continued arrogance to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on expensive meals and liquor while patients needing care wait in long lines for service is unconscionable.”

Arrogance? Half-a-million dollars for dinners? Who said these clowns could eat lavish and expensive dinners and lunches paid for by taxpayers? Let them buy their own fucking meals! These bureaucrats were spending our money--on themselves! This government agency's former CEO and current Board Members were/are not only arrogant but were/are totally out of touch with the poor people they are supposed to serve, but are also out of touch with voters, the taxpaying public, and reality.

What should be done about it? They should all be fired, for misuse of funds. And then thrown in jail. Just like in the real world.