ban July 4th


"An extensive new study led by scientists from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration concludes that watching fireworks shows, under certain weather conditions, can pose significant health risks to audiences. The research, recently published in the journal Atmospheric Environment, flags the danger posed by fine particulate matter released into the air by exploding fireworks. Anyone perfectly downwind who inhales that extra dust, smoke, and soot could suffer anything from simple coughing spells to asthma attacks, stroke, or cardiac arrest."

It seems that EVERYTHING we humans do is unhealthy! Now, July 4th fireworks are hazardous to your health? Hey, here's an idea: why doesn't the government just BAN July 4th altogether? According to liberals, "America is a bad country", so why should we celebrate it? The EPA could ban July 4th for environmental reasons and Health and Human Services could ban it for health reasons. And the Supreme Court could uphold it as legal. Done deal. The extreme liberals and extreme environmentalists win again! Banning the 4th of July. That would be ANOTHER feather in a liberal's cap.