racist database

From the New York Post

"a vast and permanent network of discrimination databases, which Obama already is using to make “disparate impact” cases against: banks that don’t make enough prime loans to minorities; schools that suspend too many blacks; cities that don’t offer enough Section 8 and other low-income housing for minorities; and employers who turn down African-Americans for jobs due to criminal backgrounds.

Big Brother Barack wants the databases operational before he leaves office, and much of the data in them will be posted online."

"employers who turn down African-Americans for jobs due to criminal backgrounds"? Hey, Obama, maybe it's not because they're black, maybe it's because they're fucking CRIMINALS!

I am APPALLED at the idea of this reverse racist anti-white database, let alone its existence! Obama and the liberals have RUINED this country! As for the racist database, no matter what I say or do, the racist database will probably somehow discriminate against me and decide that I, and all white people in America, are racist. Even if it's not true.

What is my response to a government taxpayer funded reverse racism database, created by the Obama administration, which will be specifically used by the federal government to fuck over white people in America? Here's my response: "Hey, Obama, YOU'RE the racist!"

The above is a satirical rant. If you don't know what satire is, look it up in the fucking dictionary.