hedge fund class warfare

All I hear about these days is how the rich Wall Street hedge fund managers should be forced to pay more taxes.

Yes, a hedge fund manager makes a lot of money, assuming their hedge fund does not go out of business and that they do not become unemployed. Yes, it happens. In any event, I decided to find out exactly how much money these "fat cat" Wall Street hedge fund managers make. It turns out that the average annual pay for hedge fund managers is $2.5 million. Yes, that's a lot of money. But why do all the politicians make them out to be money-sucking tax-evading devils? Because they make too much money? Because they don't pay enough tax? OK, if that's the case, what about Hollywood movie stars? The average salary for top Hollywood movie stars in 2014 was $20-$30 million. That's over 10 times MORE than a hedge fund manager!

It seems like, that if you politicians want to promote class warfare, you should be going after Hollywood, not Wall Street.

And, to add to the political hypocrisy, the average net worth of a member of the United States Congress is over $1 million. Regarding rich fat cats, and paying your "fair share" of taxes, maybe politicians should be going after themselves.