man-made global warming

from the Washington Post

"Researchers knew California's drought was already a record breaker when they set out to find its exact place in history, but they were surprised by what they discovered: It has been 500 years since what is now the Golden State has been this dry.

California is in the fourth year of a severe drought with temperatures so high and precipitation so low that rain and snow evaporate almost as soon as it hits the ground. A research paper released Monday said an analysis of blue oak tree rings in the state's Central Valley showed that weather conditions haven't been this dire since the 1500s ..."

Well then, is the current California drought caused by man-made global warming? Probably not. Why? Because way back when, in the time of Christopher Columbus, California also had a huge drought -- but there were no cars and no industry to pollute the air!

In fact, this old "natural" drought tends to prove that all the hysteria about modern-age man-made global climate change is bullshit. Plus, there's the Ice Age and other dramatic natural climate change, which happened WAY before we humans environmentally fucked up the planet. As for Global Warming, according to the National Geographic website: "Earth’s climate has changed many times. For example, fossils from the Cretaceous period (144 to 65 million years ago) show that Earth was much warmer than it is today."

Climate change is natural and we humans don't "cause" it, we just make it worse.

UPDATE: January 2017 Los Angeles Times: "It’s the latest of a series of storms to dump rain on the region, which has been hard hit by six years of drought. December saw a series of storms, and the weather service said downtown L.A. is now at 150% of rainfall for the season."