politically correct college

Multiple professors at Washington State University have explicitly told students their grades will suffer if they use terms such as “illegal alien,” "male," and “female,” or if they fail to “defer” to non-white students.

According to the syllabus for Selena Lester Breikss’ “Women & Popular Culture” class, students risk a failing grade if they use any common descriptors that Breikss considers “oppressive and hateful language.”

The punishment for repeatedly using the banned words, Breikss warns, includes “but [is] not limited to removal from the class without attendance or participation points, failure of the assignment, and— in extreme cases— failure for the semester.”

Enough with the extreme liberal political correctness! Here's the reality: illegal immigrants ARE illegal, they broke the federal law of the United States of America in coming here illegally.

And if liberals believe in "fair and equal" why should they insist that non-whites be "deferred" to? That's UNfair and UNequal.

And, guess what? There IS such a thing as male and female. Any human with a penis is a male, any human with a vagina is a female. If university professors and other liberals can't tell the difference, all they have to do is pull down their underwear and LOOK.

BTW, it costs $23,000 a year (for Washington residents) to go to that college. And $36,000 a year for out of state students. And this politically correct horseshit is what students there are being taught? God help us.