America is racist

I hear a lot these days that "America is racist". I respond with:

What country elected a black man as President in 2008?

What country elected that black man as President AGAIN - in 2012?

Huh, how about that. How racist could America be if it elected a black man the leader of the free world??? Twice. Gee, I must be dumb: for the past 50 years I thought that we baby boomers ended racism in America way back in the 1960's. Color me stupid.

And no, for the record, I am not an old white male Republican. I'm an old white male Independent. And don't call me a racist: I had a black girlfriend, probably before you were even born!

In my world, I have always dealt not with race but with the individual. And whether or not I like a person is dependent on their character not on their race. People are people. And, if a person is an asshole, they're an asshole - it doesn't matter what color their skin is.