diversity everywhere

From the Washington Post:

"There's little doubt that there's a race and gender gap in the tech industry. Look at any of the major tech firms' diversity reports and you'll see that there are proportionally fewer women, blacks and Hispanics in the tech world — particularly when it comes to engineering positions.

That's the problem, and it's one we know well. But what could be the solution?"

Hey, here's a news flash: EVERYTHING does not have to have diversity! OK, what if there is a "race" or "gender" gap in an industry? It may simply be that minorities and woman are not overly interested in being tech engineers. Should we FORCE them to become something they do not wish to become - in the name of diversity? Does that make any sense? No. Now, if minorities and women are being "excluded" from an industry, that's something else and should be dealt with.

There's a big difference between not being interested in being part of something and being excluded. Diversity for the sake of diversity? It may not always apply. Indeed, we should definitely show a little diversity ... in our thinking.