Panda Express sucks

I live in L.A. and wanted to order a bunch of Chinese food for a holiday celebration. I went to the Panda Express website. On the Panda Express web site they have online ordering. Great idea. You can order online and then go pick it up. No waiting. My mouth was watering already!

Online, using my computer, I chose a store near me. I chose to order as a Guest rather than register et al. The Start Your Order began with a choice of date and a choice of time. I wanted to order for today at a pickup time of 3 hours later. OK, that seems reasonable. Apparently it isn't. It would not let me choose a date (today) or a time from the drop down menu. I kept clicking on today's date and a time and nothing happened. I could not order online! And, to add insult to injury, after I spent 10 minutes filling out a Contact Us complaint form to tell them about the problem I could not send the form! Same issue, I clicked on Send, nothing happened. I even tried ordering online via 2 different browsers: Chrome and Internet Explorer. Same result: nothing. AND, to make matters even worse, they don't even list an email address anywhere so I could not send an email to Panda Express to inform them of these technical online ordering glitches on their website.

So it looks like I will have to get my Panda Express food the old fashioned way: drive to the store, order my food when I get there, and wait while they put my order together.

Panda Express. I like their food. I hate their website.