man hater

Mia McLeod, Democrat


"What if men seeking erectile dysfunction drugs in South Carolina had to go through the same process as women seeking abortions?

This is the novel question that state Rep. Mia McLeod (D) is exploring in a bill that she pre-filed last week in the South Carolina House of Representatives. While she doesn’t expect it to pass in her “male-dominated” legislature, McLeod told NBC she hopes it will broaden the discussion surrounding abortion services in the state.

“I purposely tried to make it as invasive, as intrusive, as hypocritical and unnecessary as possible to make the point,” she said.

(South Carolina State Legislature) Mia McLeod (South Carolina State Legislature) The bill would impact men seeking Viagra, Cialis or any other drug designed to treat erectile dysfunction. Some of the steps that men would have to complete before gaining access to the drug are as follows:

Obtain a notarized affidavit in which at least one of the patient’s sexual partners affirms that the patient has experienced symptoms of erectile dysfunction during the 90 days preceding the affidavit’s date.

Be referred to a sexual therapist licensed by the State Board of Examiners in Psychology for an assessment of the possible causes of the patient’s symptoms of erectile dysfunction and obtain a written report in which the therapist concludes that the patient’s symptoms are not attributable solely to one or more psychological conditions.

Attend three sessions of outpatient counseling within a period of not less than six months after the drug is prescribed to ensure the patient’s understanding of the dangerous side effects of drugs intended to treat the symptoms of erectile dysfunction and consider celibacy as a viable lifestyle choice.

Hey, Ms McLeod, are you trying to be a stupid man-hating bitch? Or just a stupid liberal Democrat politician? How dare you compare having erectile dysfunction to wanting an abortion. It's insensitive, offensive and insulting to men. Erectile dysfunction is a disease, an affliction, an ailment. And it makes men feel terrible about themselves, like they are not men. Being pregnant is not a disease.

Many women desire to be pregnant. Many women desire to have an abortion. No man would EVER desire to have erectile dysfunction!!!

Plus, unlike abortion, the government does not fund erectile dysfunction medication. In fact, ED drugs are not even covered by most insurance. And ED drugs cost upwards of $20 a pill, out of pocket. That means that low-income male voters in South Carolina, and throughout America - many of whom are minorities - cannot afford Viagra or other drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction and have to live with their erectile dysfunction ... and their limp dick ... and are unable to be sexually intimate with a woman.

Erectile dysfunction is a huge and serious medical and emotional problem. And often goes untreated, because of embarrassment and expense. As a result, an estimated 50 million men suffer from it and are unable to live a full life. How does THAT compare to seeking an abortion?

I get what she was trying to do. Unfortunately, it was another stupid liberal idea that doesn't work.