politically correct terrorism

If I was a liberal I would be upset. Why? Terrorists are not practicing political correctness. They are being rude. They are being too aggressive. They are being bullies. They are, in fact, killing innocent people. Terrorists are not being politically correct. This is very upsetting. It borders on microaggression. It's not the way intelligent people are supposed to act.

Politically incorrect terrorists. What shall we do? Shall we give them a time out? Shall we give them a job fair? Shall we give them some kind words? Perhaps we can lead them from behind.

Above all, we must be careful not to offend them.

It's terrorism. It's growing. It's getting worse. It's here in America. And it's followers are not being politically correct, or politically correct enough. THAT'S the biggest problem we face. The biggest problem in America is political incorrectness, not radical Islamist induced murder. Political incorrectness. It's the #1 BIG problem. Watch out for it, be vigilant, political incorrectness is happening all over America. Make sure it doesn't happen around YOU.

Yes, this is satire. If you don't know what satire is, kindly and gently go look it up. Or move to Syria.