Terrorists invited

Go to hell, mothafucka

Isis fighters are reportedly terrified of being killed by females because they believe it will stop them getting their 72 virgins in heaven. Instead, they'll go to hell. With no virgins. Hmm. That being the case, shouldn't America have more armed females in law enforcement and military forces?

Speaking of guns, according to Columbia University, here are some of the highest rates of gun ownership by state (2013):

Alaska 62%

Idaho 57%

Arkansas 57%

Wyoming 54%

Montana 52%

New Mexico 50%

If anyone in ISIS or any ISIS followers are thinking about committing another terrorist act in America perhaps they will visit one of these states and try killing innocent people. In any of the above states terrorists would be lucky to get off one shot before they get their asses immediately shot off and be immediately shot dead, by dozens of REAL Americans with REAL guns.