another bad deal

The White House, under President Barack Obama, just did another brilliant "prisoner swap" with Iran. Iran released 5 American prisoners and got 21 Iranian prisoners in return. A 4-to-1 deal. Iran got 4 times as much. What did the U.S. get? Screwed.

Final score:
Iran 21
United States 5

Iran wins. And the White House is pleased with this bad deal. From FoxNews: "President Obama said Sunday that “smart, patient” U.S. diplomacy led to the recent breakthroughs with rival nation Iran, including this weekend’s hostage exchange and landmark nuclear deal. This is a good day because now we see what’s possible with good American diplomacy,” Obama said from the White House."

Really? What planet does he live on? This is a lousy stupid deal, negotiated by the stupid White House and the stupid U.S. State Department. This is what happens when our politicians negotiate with our enemies; our politicians give away EVERYTHING ... and get NOTHING. Brilliant. And, to make matters worse, this stupid "loser" negotiation makes America look WEAK and emboldens all the other crazy dictators in the world to line up and make one-sided favorable deals with the U.S.

Hey, you Democratic political idiots in Washington, you negotiated and LOST! You made us LOSERS! I don't want to be a loser, I am an American, I want to be a WINNER!

Here's a news flash for politicians: I am also an angry voter and, as of November 2016, an election year, you're all FIRED!